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Flower Diamond represents the eternal shine that all women; unique and beautiful, bring to this world. It is our role to help amplify that light by creating fine and timeless jewellery that every woman deserve.

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Dato DIMP Belinda Chua


Belinda Chua's burning passion for gemstones led her to give birth to Flower Diamond in 1996. Overcoming enormous challenges which includes several economic crises and pandemics, Belinda's tenancity and dedication has allowed the business to gain strength year on year. This adaptability and resilience is reflected in her values and throughout all corners of Flower Diamond. This is also the reason she was inspired to dedicate her life to creating stunning pieces to celebrate the everyday woman.

Her favorite piece: The Jacinda Stackable for its versatility to be worn throughout the day and across all occassions

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Sabrina Ho

Marketing & Design

Growing up with a family of Gemologists and industry experts, Sabrina always had a deep fascination with gemology. With Flower Diamond so intertwined with her life from a young age, Sabrina finds that her creative expression can be delivered through jewellery design. From there, a passion brewed that led her to complete her program with GIA London, and to become an accredited Gemologist. She is hoping to guide Flower Diamond’s clients to explore new and non-traditional materials in their design.

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Roslind Ng

Creative Director

A driving force behind Flower Diamond since 1999, Roslind steers the annual direction and designs the portfolio for Flower Diamond. With a background in design and gemmology from La Salle, Roslind's philosophy is grounded in creating as much flexibility in each piece, so that it can be used across multiple occasions in different ways. She is responsible for driving the design for the pieces in the bespoke collection. Her incredible talent is evident in the timeless yet unique and versatile pieces in the collection.

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Jason Chua


Having being a part of Flower Diamond since 1996, Jason plays a key role in developing the business in overseas markets. In 2001, he successfuly expanded Flower Diamond into Indonesia and was responsible for the management of the outlet. He also furthered Flower Diamond’s business development by exploring new geographies like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Jason's talent lie in relationship building, and he is responsible for building large awareness of the brand through events and exhibitions.

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