Walking into FLOWER DIAMOND BOUTIQUE, one is struck by its sheer elegance and contemporary minimalism, both of the décor and the stunning collection of jewelry.  This undeniable stylishness is a reflection of the owner, Belinda Chua.  Belinda exudes an aura of chic and quiet sophistication, and also a perfect combination of gentleness and strength of character.  A woman of discerning taste, she possesses an intuitive knowledge of trends and style, an important talent that has helped to garner her such success in her business.


In 1996, Belinda founded FLOWER DIAMOND BOUTIQUE to realize her dream – that of being able to create beautiful pieces of wearable art that women would love. Prior to that, she had honed her skills with a wealth of 14 years industry experience, during which time she organized many trade shows in the top markets of the world – including New York, Basel, Tokyo and represented world known brands such as Harry Winston jewelry and timepieces in Singapore.


A true trendsetter, Belinda was aware that people’s tastes were changing.  There was an emerging, young and vibrant market that appreciated and preferred the minimalist look in fashion and jewelry.  FLOWER DIAMOND BOUTIQUE was conceptualized to cater to those very desires, and continues to stay one step ahead of the market as tastes continue to evolve.


A certified gemologist, Belinda’s passion is to help women look and feel fabulous.  “When my customers wear jewelry, I want them to stand out, and have the ultimate confidence of knowing that they are wearing something that makes them look and feel good.”  And that is what she enjoys; creating jewelry that makes women feel luxurious and confident.


FLOWER DIAMOND BOUTIQUE carries exquisite pieces ranging from S$1,000 to a few million dollars, and caters to all stylish ladies; and counts amongst its loyal supporters, many well-known socialites as well as Bruneian and Malaysian Royal Families. In recent years, the boutique enjoyed a surge of international clientele, and young professionals who align their aspiring tastes with their upwardly mobile careers.